A Sporting Legend and the Media Man

A Sporting Legend and the Media Man - February - March 2009
(Credit: CAP Magazine)

Instrumental in the event's success, and one of the most active participants over the four days of networking and learning, was Greg Tingle.

This Sydney-based media and publicity guru was a key player at CAP Down Under, serving not only as active participant but also as moderator and assistant organizer.

Mr Tingle, who is the man behind Media Man Australia and Casino News Media, among other online ventures, served as chairman of the first day of events. He was also on-hand throughout the entire conference, taking in all the info and assessing the networking and educational opportunities to be found.

"It's been a great conference", Mr Tingle told CAP. "Australia is still buzzing from it all. The event was newsworthy on a number of fronts and the content and quality of the people was world class. Technology and iGaming entrepreneurs, through to legal eagles, politicians, media whales and beyond have all taken notice. CAP Down Under has left a positive and long lasting impression on the land down under".

And Greg Tingle would know, having spent an impressive career in Australian business, promotions and marketing campaigns. In addition to his moderation duties at CAP Down Under, he devoted as much time as he could to networking - including logging some quality time with Aussie sporting legend Jeff Fenech, a world-famous boxer who was at the event to promote 888.com, CAP Down Under's Platinum Sponsor.

"My biggest hits in the online casino business have been with Branson's Virgin Games and PKR.com, and I'm hitting my straps with Marvel Entertainment slots, but I think that potentially 888.com may become my knock-out punch in the world of online casinos," Mr Tingle told CAP Magazine.

"These Aussie's are fast learners, and we're convinced that 888.com has performed a masterstroke in signing up Fenech and (cricketing celebrity Shane) Warnie, as well as a new addition, rumoured to be joining the stable soon. Jeff Fenech, you are a champion!"


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