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Interview - Outback Jack: Wrestler

Interview: Outback Jack (Peter Stilsbury) - 14th November 2001

Greg Tingle conducts the only non WWF interview ever, with Outback Jack.

What have you been doing since your World Wrestling Federation days?

I had locked away most of my memories of my WWF days. However, I made a new friend, female to be sure, questioned me on how I came to be in the US.

Of course I told her the truth, the whole truth and something like the truth, so help me Killer Khan. She then searched the web.

One thing I have noticed is that the old show has gone through some odd evolutions. It would seem that Vince got his wish to be bigger than any of the boys and to reduce his family to a synthesized Von Eric clan.

From what I hear, a lot of the chaps that I worked with are dead.

Perhaps you can fill me in on some of the inside info. Then perhaps I might share with you some deep dark secrets.

Sincerely, not nearly as bad a worker as your publicity might state.


(Greg Tingle didn't hear back from Outback Jack, and he appears to have disappeared)


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